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summer program

Grades 6 through 12

The LaunchPad for Success Summer Program is a two-week entrepreneurial program for teenagers. This program teaches students the principles of success through project-based learning, group mentorship and professional skills training. Topics include effective communication, presentation, finance, conflict resolution, team building, personal style and grooming, and career and trade exploration through internships.


Our program also includes a healthy living initiative with electives in Culinary Arts and Fitness. Cultural immersion through entrepreneurial field trip exposes participants to an expanded worldview and we also bring in real-world experts to share their expertise and experiences, to inspire students with new possibilities.


Students will complete the program with a professional headshot and portfolio. We have also added a new component that will empower our students to create their own product, bring it to market, and compete in real-world challenges similar to the TV show “The Apprentice,” winning awards and recognition for their efforts. We have limited slots available for our two-week teen summer program. 

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