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Funeral & Bereavement Guide

The passing of a loved one is always difficult. Pastors Dexter and Lindsey identify with your need for support from our church family during times of bereavement for the loss of a loved one. Certain processes and procedures have been developed to serve, comfort, and minister to you in the event of the death of an immediate family member.

Notification of Passing

In the event of an immediate family member's passing, it is your sole responsibility to contact the Administrative Office concerning the death of your loved one. Although you might mention it to a leader or Pastor via conversation, please officially call the church office directly at (203) 384-1077 or complete our General Inquiry Form.

Support Consultation

If needed, you can schedule a Support Consultation to help guide you through the funeral process. During this 30 minute consultation, a designated staff member will walk you through the funeral planning process, helping you think through funeral home selection, celebration service planning, and referral to other necessary resources.


To schedule a support consultation, please call the church office directly at (203) 384-1077 or complete our General Inquiry Form.

Homegoing Celebration Service Planning

Our staff can provide advice and guidance regarding the order of service for your loved one’s homegoing celebration. Please note that if Pastor Dexter is officiating or providing the eulogy, he reserves final approval of the order of service.

Condolence Letters

Once the date, time, and location of the funeral are confirmed, Pastor Dexter can draft a letter of condolence on behalf of the church to be delivered to the family and/or read at the funeral. Please contact the church office directly at (203) 384-1077 or complete our General Inquiry Form. with the contact information for the funeral home.

Graphic Design of Funeral Programs

New Vision does not design funeral programs in-house, but we can refer you to individuals or companies that can design and print according to your needs and budget. Please note that most funeral homes also have design and printing services.

Musicians and Vocalists

Our staff can refer you to potential musicians or vocalists, according to their availability. Please note that it is standard to practice to provide a modest honorarium for their services. This fee is separate from and not covered by your tithes and offerings.

Eulogy / Officiating

When available, Pastor Dexter is honored to preach the eulogy of your loved one. Because of Pastor Dexter’s itinerary, he may not be able to attend every funeral service. In the event that Pastor Dexter cannot preach the eulogy or officiate, he can designate an elder or minister to serve in his stead.


Please note that there is a standard fee for Pastor Dexter or a designated minister to deliver the eulogy or officiate the service. This fee is separate from and not covered by your tithes and offerings.

Facility Usage

Our sanctuary may be reserved for funeral services or repast, according to availability. There is a nominal fee to cover usage, custodial, and audio-visual services. This fee is separate from and not covered by your tithes and offerings.

Financial Assistance

We understand the tremendous financial responsibility of laying a loved one to rest. Unfortunately, the church does not provide financial support for funerals.

We advise raising funds to cover costs from family and friends via cash contributions. Sometimes it is also necessary to create a GoFundMe page or receive donations via CashApp. We will only circulate a GoFundMe page or CashApp username to our congregation once the amount and source are verified.

In cases of extreme hardship, your funeral home may be able to refer you to government programs to assist with burying your loved one.

Under special circumstances, the church can act as a fiduciary agent and collect donations on behalf of a family in need. Funds collected by the church will be disbursed directly to vendors to offset lingering funeral expenses and living expenses during times of bereavement.

Repast and Food Service

The church does not provide financial support for repast or meals. If there is a food need, we can assist in recruiting individuals who may be willing to donate pans of food, according to a limited menu. We can also reach out to our volunteer network and ask if people are available to help serve and/or clean up.

The quantity of food and helpers is totally dependent on the generosity and availability of the individual volunteers within our church community. Please note that sometimes the time and date of a funeral can severely impact an individual’s availability to volunteer (i.e. volunteering during the weekday is difficult for some individuals to get off of work).

If you have any additional questions, please contact the church office directly at (203) 384-1077 or

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