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Prayer Call

Join us every morning at 6AM for a group prayer call.

Dial In: 515-604-9094

Code: 187212526#

(T-Mobile Customers: Call 206-451-6081, then entire info above)

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In this new season, we must remember that our words have weight and they interact with the spirit realm as an indicator of the position of our heart. We must begin to challenge ourselves as it relates to our own personal lives. 

The power of death and life is in your tongue and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. Our life is on our tongues. Create an atmosphere for God to move in your life. You will give an account of every idle word spoken out of your mouth. Your future is in your mouth so let's spend the next 7 days with a serious resolve to fulfill the mandates of the consecration (a separating of ourselves from selected worldly activities) in fasting, daily devotions, the reading and study of God's Word, and serious times of prayer dialogue (listening and talking to God......mostly listening).




The type of fast you go on is based on your relationship with God. You can create a special consecration using any combination of the fasts listed below. Be advised that you must fast for the duration of the designated time period. Your consecration is private and should be shared with a spouse, immediate family, and God. If you should fall prey to any sin, including breaking the fast, you should repent and keep going. Whatever you do honor your fast and consecration. Write it down and follow it. 


If you do not start on day one, for whatever reason, get on board as soon as possible. It is better to join the body in consecration than to stay in demonic bondages and disobedience. If you have any medical conditions you should consult with your doctor to make sure you are in medical compliance.

Note: The fast will begin on Monday, August 31, 2020 at 6:00am and end on Sunday, September 6, 2020 after service.

Remember, the fast will only be beneficial if you consecrate. The act of consecrating is simply spending time with God in prayer, meditation, study, and/or journaling at least twice daily. If you are going to empty out, you ought to pour into your spirit.

Absolutely no junk food, fast foods, processed snacks, or candies should be consumed during this consecration. Also, avoid sodas, milkshakes, non-health smoothies, excessive coffee/tea, and all non-essential liquids. This consecration should help you and not hurt you.

Finally, exercising at least three times weekly will also help you even if it is nothing but a brisk mile or half-mile walk in your neighborhood or mall. If you are on the absolute fast without water and vitamins or vegetable supplements, vigorous activity or exercise is not recommended. Again, please consult with your physician if you have any health issues and govern yourself accordingly. God does everything decently and in order.





This fast is all day and every day.  This fast has no bodily intake.  You should start with prayer.   A 7-day absolute fast is not for a novice.   Thus, after you have prayed you should develop a personal consecration schedule based on your health and the leading of the Holy Spirit.  As an example, if you can only do 2 days absolute then you should continue your other 5 days with one of the other fasts below.   Remember, this fast has no food or liquid intake for the duration of the fast.


There are two versions of this fast. Both have no solid food intake at all. 

  1. the first version is done with water intake only. 

  2. the second version is done with water, 100% juices diluted with water and/or vegetables, vitamins, and other health supplements. 


This fast was used by Daniel and he received favor from the king. This fast consists of vegetables only. The best way to consume them for enzyme and vitamin retention is raw or steamed. However, they can be cooked without meat. Protein needs can be ingested through beans and nuts but do not overdo it.  This fast is best when taken with water only.  However, this fast can be altered with fresh fruit intake and one hundred percent juice diluted with water. 


This is a simple fast that requires you to choose one meal a day: breakfast, lunch, or dinner. There is no snacking in between and no other food intake except for this one meal. This meal should be healthy and not an opportunity to eat a “super happy meal”. This meal should be done in moderation and should be consistent for the seven day period. For example, if you choose breakfast, you only eat breakfast for seven days.


The detox consecration is not a fast. It is a means to purging the body of harmful toxins and free radicals. Each detox diet varies. You can get a detox plan and supplements for as little as $25 from your local health foods store or consult your personal nutritionist or chiropractor.

If you utilize the detox regimen, again consult with your physician and follow the detox directions. Please feel free to add any of the above fasts to complete your consecration, if the detox is less than 7 days.



All of the aforementioned fasts should include specialized prayer times. Your media intake should be limited to no more than an hour a day (consecration). Media includes television, videogames, phones, internet, and social networking sites (i.e.: Facebook), smartphones, tablets, and other entertainment devices unless utilized to receive or promote the gospel. This newly freed time should now be used for prayer, meditation, journaling, and the study of God’s Word.

Lastly, when concluding your absolute fast, you should not shock your body with immediate heavy food intake. You should start with low sodium broths, soups, and graduate to grits, oatmeal, porridge, and cream of wheat. This transition should be gradual until your body is ready to resume regular food intake. This gradual food intake usually takes 3-5 days depending on the person. Remember your body is the temple, and it should be treated as such.  Please refrain from eating foods that will reverse your seven-day consecration. This consecration should benefit both your spiritual health and your physical health.

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