revised covid guidlines.png

Hello New Vision Family,

As COVID restrictions are lifted across the state, we are making adjustments to our guidelines.


First and foremost, thank you for trusting New Vision with your on-campus safety. Our facilities and administrative teams have worked tirelessly to provide a safe environment via registration, temperature checks, social distancing measures, and sanitation practices.

For the near future, we will continue our pre & post-service sanitation measures. We are revising the following guidelines, effective Monday, June 28.


  • Registration for Sunday and Tuesday services is no longer required. REGISTRATION IS STILL REQUIRED FOR CHILDREN'S CHURCH. Click here to register.

  • A successful temperature check is still required to enter the building.

  • Wearing a mask is still required to enter the building. However, once you take your seat, you are free to remove your mask while stationary.

  • MASK ETIQUETTE: We also want to acknowledge that some of our family members are still not comfortable being in close proximity to others without a mask.
    We ask that you put your mask back on in the following scenarios:

    • (1) when traveling from one place in the sanctuary (or building) to the next, or

    • (2) when in close proximately to someone outside of your household.

  • If you are still uncomfortable, you are more than welcome to wear your mask at all times and request that others put theirs on when engaging in close conversation with you.

  • SEATING: Through the month of July, chairs will remain six feet apart, as they have been for the past year. We will revisit our seating arrangement during the month of August.

Remember, these guidelines go into effect on Monday, June 28. Let’s thank God for keeping us through this very difficult season, and praise Him for one more step towards normalcy in our gatherings!

Your Pastor, Servant & Friend,

Pastor Dexter